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Several Common Problems Your Fireplace May Encounter

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For homeowners that have fireplaces, it is important to have a solid understanding when it concerns the types of problems that a fireplace can encounter. Otherwise, the home and those inside it could be put at greater risk.

Compromised Chimney Lining

The chimney is an integral part of your fireplace as it will allow the fumes to safely exit the structure. Unfortunately, the interior of the chimney will experience intense heat and the ash that can collect on it may be corrosive. When the chimney lining becomes damaged, the structural components near it can experience significant damage. In extreme cases, it can be possible for these components to combust. Additionally, dangerous fumes could start to fill the home.

Decreased Or Clogged Ventilation

If the chimney becomes clogged, the interior of the home can start to fill with dangerous fumes fairly quickly. This problem can often be the result of failing to have the chimney professionally cleaned. Also, birds can be prone to building nests on the chimney, which can also allow this problem to occur. It can be difficult for a homeowner to know if their chimney is clogged until these fumes have already reached dangerous levels. Regularly performing a visual inspection of the top of the chimney will allow you to make sure that birds have not built a nest in it. Also, using carbon monoxide detectors can alert you and your family to the buildup of dangerous fumes in the event the chimney becomes blocked.

Cracking Brick Surfaces

Brick is commonly used in both the chimney and the fireplace itself. It is an excellent material to use for these areas because it is extremely durable and resistant to damage from heat. However, it can be possible for these surfaces to still suffer problems. Cracking is a very common issue, and while it can be easy to assume that cracks in your fireplace are always due to the fire, it can actually result from many other causes. For example, high moisture levels in the home can lead to condensation, which may weaken the brick. Also, foundation issues may lead to this type of problem. Having the cracks examined by a professional will be necessary for determining the cause of the damage.

Damaged Screen Or Door

Your fireplace's screen and door will allow you to safely enjoy the sights, sounds, and heat of a roaring fire. However, these components can become damaged. Depending on the fireplace's design, it will likely be dangerous to use the fireplace when these components are damaged as this could allow embers to escape into the home and cause a fire.

Reach out to a local company for more information about fireplace repair.