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Accessories For Your Glass Shower That Make Your Shower A Delight To Use

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Glass showers can be very simple, clean, and elegant. However, because they do not have the same kinds of molded walls as other showers, they lack certain amenities that leave you wanting more. Here are some accessories you can purchase for your glass shower that will make it a delight to use.


Glass showers have no shelves. They are simply not designed to be that way. A lack of shelves can be unpleasant since there is literally no place but the floor of the shower to put your shampoo bottles, soap, and washcloth. Sturdy shelves affixed to the one tiled wall in the shower, or affixed to one of the glass walls, will provide you with a place to put your personal hygiene and bathing products and supplies. 

The shelves affixed to tiled walls are secured by bolts through the tiles, sheetrock, and stud boards behind the tiles. You will need a drill that can get through the tiles with ease, and still make it through the sheetrock and stud boards. Bolts are put through the supports of the shelves, and then through the wall using anchoring bolts. 

Glass shelves are affixed to the glass walls of your glass shower via a very secure bonding agent. It is so resilient to water, weight, and pressure that nothing can pull them down. Other types of hardware that can screw through holes in the glass shower wall and into the shelving supports may also be used.

Over-the-Shower Towel Hooks

Reaching for a towel while trying to get out of the shower should not require Olympic flexibility. An over-the-shower wall or door set of hooks for your towels resolves this problem. It puts your towels right in reach so that the only thing you have to do is open the shower door and grab a towel. The nature of the hooks is such that the clip-on rack to which they are fastened holds onto the shower wall or door via pressure from both sides of the glass, like a clothespin over a clothing line. 

Hand-Held Shower Sprayer

It is one thing to be able to stand under a shower and get clean. It is another to be able to unhook your shower head and use it like a sprayer/spray wand. For all of those hard-to-reach places, consider switching your current shower head for one that you can use as a sprayer.

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