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Three Reasons Why Pre-Trenching For A Fence Is A Good Option

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​Most people would use a posthole tool to dig postholes in the ground prior to installing a fence. Other people choose to go with fencetrenching services, and with many a good reason. If you are sitting on the fence about which way to go — posthole or trench — here are some reasons why you should go with trenching. 

​Trenching Is Better for Chain Link Fences

Trenching is better if you are planning to install a chain link fence and you do not want the chain link fencing to be curling up or pulled up by kids or adults who are trying to enter your property. When you go with trenching, you can actually stabilize both the posts and the bottom edges of the fence material in a solid concrete trench. The only way people can get through now is to cut their way in, or climb over, but at least you do not have to worry about anyone pulling the bottom of the fence upward and distorting the fence's shape.

​Trenching Allows You to Install Several Posts at Once in Soft-Set Concrete

IF you dig a trench, fill it with quick-set concrete. Wait half of the time recommended on the package for drying. Then insert your fence posts into the soft-set concrete. You may need to do this every twelve feet or so to get two or three posts in, and you will need help. Everyone has to hold a post in the perfect position until the concrete has hardened just enough to let go of the posts. Continue trenching, pouring concrete, placing posts and holding, and finally letting go. Believe it or not, this is actually a lot faster than trying to dig individual postholes just right and then tying the posts with cables into an upright position so the fence does not warp between poles.

​Trenching and Using Concrete Makes It Nigh Impossible to Knock Down the Fence

Trenching services with concrete added to the trenches makes for a very sturdy, very durable, and long-lasting fence. Short of a car driving off the road and through your fence, nothing can break down this type of fence installation. When you absolutely want the fence to stand a very long time, and you want nothing to disturb it, not even dogs digging underneath, trenching and concrete is the way to go. Just make sure this is what you want, because you cannot undo the concrete once it has been poured into the trench.