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3 Reasons To Use Spray Foam Insulation

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When it comes to insulating your house, there are all kinds of options out there for you to try. One of those is spray foam. There are a lot of benefits to using spray foam for your insulation. 

Easy to Install

Spray foam is really easy to install. What's going to happen is that the insulation company is going to come to your house with a large trailer. That trailer is going to have several tanks in it as well as a pump. The installers will haul a large hose up to where you want the insulation installed. Then they just start spraying it on wherever you need to have the insulation installed. The nice thing about spray insulation and one of the things that makes it really easy to install is that spray foam expands.

Expands to Fill the Space

The installer will spray the foam into place and after a couple of moments, it will start to expand to fill all the available space. The installer will have sprayed it all over the crevice or area where the foam will go so that there are no bare spots so that when it expands, it covers everything fully. Because of this, it's also easy to install after the walls have been installed. When the space is open, once the foam has expanded, hardened, and cured, all that needs to happen is that the excess will get cut down so that it is flush with the studs of the wall and drywall can be installed with no problem. 

Blocks Drafts

Another reason to use spray foam insulation is that when the foam expands and fills up the space, it will block any holes, cracks, or other openings in the outer walls of your house. That means that the air can't get into your house or escape because there are no openings. Just having the solid barrier of the foam there, without any other benefits of the foam, like its R value, will start to make your house feel more insulated. Using the expanding foam around your windows as insulation will also make sure that any gaps around the window frames and the walls are firmly sealed. 

When you are looking at various kinds of insulation, one type you may want to choose is spray foam. There are a lot of benefits and reasons to choose spray foam as your insulation choice.