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Signs That Your Windows Could Be Letting In Water

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A window that lets water in isn't doing its job properly, and upon noticing such an issue, you should contact a contractor who can assess the problem and replace or repair the window. Although you'll sometimes see standing water along the lower edge of the window, a window's issues with water aren't always visible. As such, you need to be aware of what to look for so that a problem doesn't worsen without your knowledge and cost you more to deal with — or lead to further problems in your home. Here are three signs that your windows could be letting in water.

The Frame Gets Warped

When a window has let water in, you'll often be able to tell by carefully inspecting the frame. If the frame is wooden, it will show signs of the presence of water — namely by warping or pushing away from the window. Sometimes, if you press your finger hard against the wooden frame, it will move in and out a little. This is a sign that the water has softened the wood considerably. If the frame is painted, which is usually the case, you'll sometimes notice that the paint has lifted away from the wood, too.

The Window Won't Open

It never hurts to try to open your windows in the winter. Even if you don't want to let cold air into your home, opening each window is a quick way to assess whether there might be an issue with water. If the window doesn't open in the winter, it's commonly because it is frozen shut — and windows are likely to be frozen shut if they were wet when the temperature froze. Don't force the window aggressively; it will open again when the temperature warms up.

Water Is Visible In The Tracks

Even if water isn't visibly pooling on the lower window ledge or elsewhere around the window, you can still sometimes see it. In the case of a window that slides open and shut, take a careful look at the horizontal track along which the window runs. This track should be completely dry. Sometimes, however, you'll notice that the track is wet and, in other cases, you may notice a considerable amount of standing water that fills the bottom of the track. If any of these indicators are present, it's a good idea to seek the help of a window contractor about window repair.