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Why Fiberglass Is A Good Choice For Your New Exterior Door

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Fiberglass is an excellent material for exterior doors. Fiberglass doors are popular among homeowners because they are so durable and attractive. They look like solid wood doors, but they only require a fraction of the maintenance as real wood. Here are some benefits of choosing a new door made of fiberglass.

Fiberglass Is Strong

Fiberglass is a very strong material. As long as the door has a sturdy lock on it too, you won't have to worry about an intruder kicking down the door. It not only protects against vandals, it also protects against storm damage. The door stands strong against flying debris, and fiberglass is so strong that it's used to make impact doors for hurricane protection. Other doors, such as steel, can be strong too, but steel dents when kicked, and fiberglass doesn't.

Fiberglass Resists Water Damage

Fiberglass is a good material for an exterior door because it isn't affected by rain. The door doesn't swell when wet like wood does, and it doesn't degrade or rot due to rain or humidity. Fiberglass doesn't rust like steel. Fiberglass tolerates all kinds of weather much better than other types of doors. As long as you maintain the top coat of gloss or wax, it even tolerates exposure to the sun, which makes it a good choice for an exterior door that isn't protected by a roof or awning.

Fiberglass Is Almost Maintenance Free

Since a fiberglass door doesn't rot, rust, or deteriorate, there isn't much maintenance needed. You may want to touch up the paint, stain, or gloss occasionally or apply wax to the door periodically for protection from fading, but other than that, all you need to do is dust or wash the door frequently when you clean the rest of your home.

Fiberglass Doors Come In Many Styles

One of the best things about fiberglass is that it is made into many different styles of doors. You can choose a bright red door or a door that's textured and stained to look just like wood. If the stained wood look is what you want, you'll be pleased with choosing fiberglass because it can be made to look and feel like real wood. The doors also come in a variety of configurations with side panels and windows, so you can have a basic security door or you can create a luxurious entrance.

Fiberglass doors offer home security and beauty while needing little care. They last for many years so you'll get good value for your investment. When you're ready to buy a new entry door, look at all the options you have when it comes to fiberglass and you'll see why these doors are so popular.