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How To Tear Up And Dispose Of An Old Concrete Patio In Advance On An Inground Pool Installation

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If you are getting an in-ground pool for your backyard, then you need to make sure that your yard is ready. This means that you need to clear out any permanent structures, including an old concrete patio. While you could pay someone to come in an do this for you, if you don't mind getting a bit dirty and breaking a sweat, it is certainly something you can do yourself. All you need to do is smash up the concrete and then throw it out. Simple. But, you will need to buy or rent some special items to help with the process. Here's what you need.

Sledgehammers and Safety Goggles

You don't need a big jackhammer to smash up the concrete. All you need is a heavy sledgehammer. You can get this any home improvement store. Don't get the short handle one because it will require you to be on your hands and knees and get close to smash the concrete. Get a long handle sledgehammer. With this type of hammer, you can stand up and smash up the patio. You will also want to get a pair of safety glasses. These will protect your eyes from small bits of concrete that might fly up and into your eye. Make sure you are buying safety goggles, not just sunglasses. You can find safety glasses in the home improvement store.

Circular Saw Or Heavy Duty Pliers

The one problem you might run into is the rebar or wire mesh. Once you start smashing up the concrete patio, you might see that it was built using wire mesh, or thick bars called rebar. If it's wire mesh, you can use heavy duty pliers with a cutting edge. If it's rebar, you will need something stronger. There are a few different options to cut rebar, including acetylene torches, but for most people the easiest method will be a circular saw with a blade meant for cutting metal. You can rent these from a tool rental shop if you don't have a saw. If you have a do have a handheld circular saw, then just make sure you buy a blade designed for metal and don't try and use a regular blade that is meant for wood because the teeth will not cut metal.

Roll Off Dumpster

When you are done smashing up the patio, and have it all in chunks, you need somewhere to throw it out. You cannot just throw out the large chunks of concrete in your daily garbage. This sort of stuff is considered construction debris. So, what you will need to do is rent a dumpster. The company you rent from will deliver it on a large truck, and roll it off onto your property. Then, when you are done filling it up with the broken chunks of concrete, the company will come and take it away. For more information, you can contact companies like RMS Containers.