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4 Tips for Keeping Granite Countertops Clean

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Granite has been the material of choice for new countertops for years due to its beauty and its luxurious look. If you are replacing your current countertops, granite is a good choice. But cleaning granite countertops is different than cleaning other types of countertops. Use the following tips to keep your new granite countertops completely clean.

Do the Palm Test

Many people love the intricate designs and different colors found in granite countertops, but these elements can also make it difficult to find the areas of the countertop that may need extra attention when it comes time to clean them. Prior to cleaning your granite countertops, run the palm of your hand over the surface—this will allow you to identify any spots that may be sticky or that have residue that needs to be cleaned off.

Dust First

Since dirt and dust can be difficult to see on granite countertops, it is a good idea to dust the surface first so the dirt and dust can be removed and not simply pushed into the corners of the countertops when you clean them. The best way to dust the surface of your granite countertops is by using a soft microfiber towel. This type of material attracts dust and dirt and will pick them up off of the surface before you start cleaning.

Use the Right Cleaner

You have to be very careful when selecting a cleaner for your granite countertops. Never use all-purpose cleaner or bleach to clean your granite, as these solutions can strip away the sealant on your granite. Likewise, avoid using more natural products, like ammonia or vinegar, as the acid in these solutions can eat away at the stone and damage the surface of the countertops.

You can opt to purchase a cleaner that is specifically designed to be used to clean granite countertops. If you do not have any granite cleaner available, you can mix a small amount of gentle, pH-balanced dish soap with warm water and use the mixture to cleanse your countertops. Place the soap and water mixture in a spray bottle and use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the countertops.

Don't Forget to Re-Seal

If you want to keep your granite countertops clean and free from damage, the sealant on the surface needs to be in good condition. Your countertops will be sealed when they are installed, but make sure you find out how often you will need to re-seal the surface to ensure that the countertops look great for many years to come. 

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