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2 Basic Safety Tips For Construction Companies

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Even if you have been in the construction business for many years, it never hurts to periodically go over all the basic job safety checklists and make sure that your company is meeting and exceeding them. It also doesn't hurt to periodically have employees go through safety seminars. That way you can catch employees who have been hired since the last seminar and refresh all your other employees at the same time. Having an outside, objective source to come in and run the seminar may make your employees feel more comfortable, and the people running it may have ideas and tips that haven't been used before at your company. So, what are some basic safety tips that may be gone over at any safety seminar?

Three-Point Hold

A three-point hold means that whenever an employee is getting on or off a piece of equipment or a ladder, they have at least three limbs in contact with the equipment or ladder at all times. That means only moving one hand or one foot at a time. This is a more secure stance, and it means that if your employee starts to slip, they are more likely to be able to catch themselves and prevent a serious injury. 

Know Where First-Aid Is

While it's not possible for your employees to carry around their own first-aid kits, it is possible for you to make sure that there are fully stocked and well marked first-aid kits in several places around the site. That can include on various levels of the buildings as well. Your goal is to make sure that your employee never has to wait for too long to get basic first-aid. You may also want to have some employees who are trained in more than basic first-aid so that they can handle the bigger problems. In the winter or in the extreme heat of summer, first-aid may also include a shelter where your employees can go to warm up or cool down. Overheated or overly chilled employees are at risk of hurting themselves or others. 

If you run a construction company, safety should be your first priority. Keeping your employees safe will make sure that your jobs get done in a timely manner. If your company gets and keeps a good reputation for safety, you will be more likely to get and keep quality employees because they know that you are watching out for them. For more information, talk to a company like CSP Consulting Services LLC.