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Does Your Running Track Look Like A Deserted Road? Three Ways To Rejuvenate And Restore It

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Running tracks are paved surfaces, just like the roads on which you drive. If they are not properly cared for, the tracks end up with cracked asphalt and potholes, just like the roads. If your school or facility has a running track that looks like it has been pounded with a jackhammer several times over, it may be time to perform some repairs. Here are three ways to rejuvenate and restore your running track so that everyone can get many more years of enjoyment out of it.

Use a Crack Filler

The same crack filler you use to fill in cracks in your paved driveway can be used on a running track. You do have to use it more sparingly so that runners do not trip over the unevenness of the filler and the track's actual surface. If you are able to find it, use a crack filler gun that allows you to fill the cracks without creating highs and lows in the track's surface. If you want to be absolutely sure of the coverage and smoothness, use a mason's trowel to even things out and make these areas as smooth and as flat as possible.

Hire a Contractor to Fill the Larger Holes

No athlete likes to run a track and then twist an ankle in an unexpected pothole on that same track. If your track has some potholes that are real doozies, you may want to hire a contractor to bring some cement, concrete and/or asphalt out to fill these holes. Sure, it is a patch job for now, but it looks better and prevents runners from some nasty injuries.

Pull It All Up and Replace the Whole Track

A running track that just has too much damage is not something you can fill and patch, since it will only need more frequent fills and patches. Your road paving contractor can manage this entire project too, from the plowing, scraping and scooping up of the old track to the formation and paving of the new one. If you use the track for school purposes, it would be best to complete this project in early summer. Otherwise anytime in the warmer months is suitable when the track is community or private property. (Many cities have neighborhood rejuvenation funds to help restore recreation areas, homes and businesses in the more run-down parts of town. You could apply for these funds when it is clear that the track needs to be pulled up and replaced entirely, which would help with the replacement costs.) 

Speak to a local roadway repair service or check out this page for more information.