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3 Indications Your Home Could Benefit From A French Drain System

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If there are two things that do not tend to pair well, it is your home and excess rainwater. Water can create a lot of problems if it is allowed to creep its way into places it does not belong. French drainage systems are one of the simplest choices you have if you need to control water flow in your home. This drain is far less complicated than most and best of all, it is not as difficult to install or have installed if you choose. Crafted mainly from a simple drainage pipe, gravel,and fabric or netting, a french drainage system may be needed if you spot these three indications around your home. 

You have a moisture problem in your basement. 

The most common reason homeowners install a french drainage system is because they have moisture problems in their basement. During rain, the ground surrounding the walls of the basement can get super-saturated quickly. Because all this precipitation has nowhere to go, it may start to bleed through the walls of your basement. French drainage systems consist of perforated drainage lines that force the water to disperse less rapidly, giving the ground the ability to absorb much of the moisture before it starts to pool and puddle. Furthermore, a portion of the water will be carried away from the house. 

Standing rainwater is present around the home after it rains. 

Whether you have a basement that you're worried about getting wet or not, it is never good for water to be left standing after the rain around your home. Standing water just around the home's foundation is a surefire sign that water is also making its way beneath your house, which is also a bad thing because it encourages mold and mildew. Standing water could be caused by clay-dense soil that is not very absorbent or ground around the house that has no slope at all. Either way, a french drainage system will work to eliminate this problem. 

The ground stays soggy in certain spots around your house. 

Soggy spots in the ground directly surrounding your house are no good. This could be related to lack of sloping or the type of ground material in a given area. If you have soggy spots still around your house long after the rain has came and gone, a french drainage system should be considered. You may only need a small-scale version that can handle the moisture in  the one specific area. 

For more information on french drain systems, talk to a professional.