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3 Spots To Check On Your Roof After Winter Is Over

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The end of winter is a happy time for many, but for homeowners, it's also a time to start going down your maintenance checklist. Old Man Winter can unleash havoc on your home, and it's possible that you might not be fully aware of the damage until the weather begins to break. One key area of your house that you will want to inspect upon the arrival of spring is your roof. Here are three key spots that every homeowner should check on top of their house.

Loose Shingles

First things first, inspect your roof for any shingles that are missing, loose, cracked, curled or have other problems. A damaged shingle doesn't just put you at risk of a roof leak, it can also make it harder for you to block outside elements and keep your home cooled in the warmer months to come. Missing or loose shingles can also serve as an entry point for insects and other pests. Don't forget to also inspect the flashing near the chimney, vents, skylight or anything else unique you have installed on your roof.

Check Your Air Systems

If you have any vents, fans or air filters on top of your house, you'll want to make sure everything is still running properly. It's not unusual for a vent or filter to pick up some debris over the long winter. This will reduce air flow and raise your energy bills. Give everything a thorough cleaning or bring in a professional who can get the job done.

Don't Forget the Gutters

While up on your roof, don't forget to check the gutter and drain system that you likely have running along the outside edges of the roof. You'll want to make sure that your gutter system is cleared before the heavy rains of spring arrive. A blockage in your gutter or drain system can cause water damage to your roof and can also lead to an issue with your home's foundation if the blockage is causing the water to pool in one specific spot.

The end of winter is a good time for every homeowner to do some quick maintenance checks on their house. When inspecting your roof, keep an eye out for loose shingles and move to ensure that your air systems and gutters are free of any debris or blockage. If you encounter a problem that you can't fix yourself, contact a local roof repairs contractor for assistance.

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