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5 Ways To Improve Your Satisfaction With Newly Replaced Windows

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Replacing the windows in your home should be a project that you do only when necessary, such as when the existing windows are worn out and do not provide enough insulation anymore. With the necessary investment of replacement windows and their installation, you should explore the various things that you can do to improve your satisfaction with your brand-new windows.

Get Window Tinting for South-Facing Windows

Large windows or any window facing south can lead to a lot more sunlight entering the home than desired. To reduce some of the glare and heat that your windows can cause, consider adding window tinting. Not only does tinting reduce the effects of the sun, it can also add protection in the form of shatter resistance if the windows are ever broken.

Grow Herbs in Your Kitchen Windows

If the windows in your kitchen are being replaced as well, consider how you can incorporate them into the space. Growing herbs in the kitchen windowsill can be a fantastic way to enjoy fresh herbs and improve the look of your windows. Indoor herb gardening can also be preferable to growing outdoors due to fewer pests and the pleasant smell they can add to your kitchen.

Provide Your Cats with a Perch

If you have a cat or several, you already know just how much they enjoy looking outdoors at birds and other wildlife. Instead of allowing them to climb onto the window sill, potentially damaging them, consider adding a perch right next to the window. This can help them avoid needing to balance on the windowsill itself and can keep your windows cleaner since they will have a comfortable place to lay down next to the glass instead of against it.

Change the Hardware to Fit Your Home Style

The hardware on the windows can make a big difference in how they look, but not enough to justify spending more money than necessary. To customize your new windows, consider buying new hardware and replacing them yourself.

Invest in Multiple Window Treatments

The window treatments that you use in your home can have a substantial impact on the temperature inside and the way that each room looks. Blackout curtains are one example of a window treatment that can make a noticeable difference, especially if you need to sleep during part of the day and need the sun blocked because you work at night. Comparing choices such as sheer curtains and heavy drapes can help you make the ideal choice for your lifestyle.

Making a few changes to your windows after they have been installed can help them feel personalized and ensure that you are happy with your investment. Contact a local contractor, like Gulf Coast Builders Inc, for more help.