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Windowless Office? 3 Benefits Of Working Near A Window

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Studies have proven that office workers who have a window in their office or sit near a window are healthier, more productive and happier. If you work from home, you should take note of this and try to work near or next to a window as much as possible. If you have a sun room, you may even want to consider spending a portion of your day working in there to improve your well being and boost your productivity. If you work in a dark and dreary office, you may want to think about installing some windows. Here are a few reasons why.

Health Benefits of The Sun

Workers who get some sun throughout the day experience numerous health benefits. Not only do they sleep better, they have less stress and more energy. You see, sunlight helps regulate your body clock. If you're not exposed to sunlight regularly, you will feel sleepy and sluggish through the day and not be able to sleep at night. After about 5 to 10 minutes of sun, however, you will start to feel more alert and energized, and you will sleep better. Studies have also shown that sunlight increases your metabolism.

Productivity Increases Related to The Sun

In order to be fully alert and productive, you need short exposure to lots of sunlight. However, most people who work at a desk rarely see the sun. If you don't have windows in your office, you won't get any throughout the day. One way to remedy the solution is to spend approximately 10 to 15 minutes of your lunch break outdoors in the sun. Or, you can simply work next to a window or in your sun room to get the maximum benefits without getting overheated or sunburned. 

The Sun Increases Quality of Life

People who are exposed to sunlight throughout their workday are happier and report a better quality of life than those who sit in a dark office. The addition of plants and a great view of natural scenery also help. More than 80 percent of workers who have access to sun and plants in their office feel happy and content with their life. 

There are several reasons why you should work in areas of your home where there is lots of sunlight. If you have a sun room, you might want to think about spending at least some part of your work day in there. If your work area is dark, consider installing a large window or two to increase your productivity.

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