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Two Hidden Dangers Associated With A Home Flood

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Whether it's from heavy rains or a busted pipe behind the wall, when your home suffers a flood this is a devastating experience. While most homeowners take fast action to salvage their belongings and have the water removed, these actions only represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to repairing your home and returning it to a livable state. Make certain you understand the unseen dangers that can come along with a flood so that you know how to protect your home.


One of the most common of these hidden dangers is mold growth. When you combine poor ventilation, heat and excess moisture, this is basically a recipe for mold growth. Behind the walls, in the insulation or under the floor boards are just a handful of the spaces that mold can develop after a flood. One of the most dangerous aspects about mold growth is that its spores quickly reproduce.

Any incidence of mold growth will only exacerbate symptoms for anyone in your home who has a compromised immune system or suffers from allergies. Simply removing the water from the exposed areas of your home isn't enough. It's important that you have a professional come in and not only remove the water, but also dehumidify the space to ensure the moisture is removed from the unexposed areas as well.


Another dangerous consideration is bacteria. If the source of the water in your home has come in contact with any waste products, such as fecal matter, there is a high risk that it could also contain some level of bacteria. Water that has come in contact with waste products could also contain pathogens that have the potential to cause disease.

The most alarming thing about this type of flood water is that it doesn't have to be standing in your home for a long period of time for the bacteria to transfer. Simply removing the water won't resolve the issue. As the bacteria plants itself on the surfaces around your home, such as the walls or floorboards, it can also make its way into the air, forcing your family to ingest it. For bacteria-infested waters, bacteria treatment is also required.  

A water damage restoration professional like one from Complete Restoration Services won't just restore your home to its original state, but also ensure the risk of these hidden dangers are eliminated. Make certain you are keeping the safety of your family a priority in the event your home suffers a flood.