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2 Unique DIY Privacy Fences

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With the world's population growing, maintaining privacy is becoming more important for homeowners today. Keeping some separation between you and your neighbors allows you to kick back and relax, without the penetrating gaze of onlookers. Traditional privacy fences can feel too industrial for homeowners that want their yard to feel cozy.

If you are looking for a more stylish option when it comes to privacy fencing, here are two do-it-yourself projects to consider.

1. Privacy fence made from old shutters.

While you might not be too fond of the way shutters look attached to the exterior of a home, these window features can be re-purposed into a whimsical privacy fence.

Lining up a series of shutters next to one another gives you the opportunity to create a shabby chic fence for your outdoor living space. Try using shutters of differing heights to add interest. Shutters painted in bright colors can add a creative feel to your yard.

Shutters make the perfect material for a privacy fence, since the wooden slats can be opened or closed to adjust the amount of privacy you and your guests will enjoy.

2. Privacy fence made from old glass bottles.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, you can use your need for a privacy fence as an excuse to recycle your old glass bottles. To complete this project, gather colored glass bottles, some rebar cut to the height of your desired fence, and some sturdy two-by-fours.

Determine how close you want your fence slats to be, and drill holes along each two-by-four to accommodate these slats. Next, use a diamond drill bit to cut a hole in the bottom of each bottle. Thread the rebar through the bottles, creating an aesthetically pleasing pattern. Place each bottle-clad rebar slat into the holes you drilled into your two-by-fours, and attach a second two-by-four to the top to create a frame for your fence.

A fence made from old glass bottles serves not only as a means to achieve privacy, but as an art piece for your outdoor living space.

Adding a privacy fence to your yard makes it easier to enjoy the time you spend outdoors. You don't have to invest a lot of money into the purchase of a pre-fabricated privacy fence; you can build your own. Using old shutters or glass bottles that have been emptied will allow you to not only create more privacy, but to reduce the amount of waste sent to our nation's landfills as well. Contact a fencing company like JC Fence CO for more information.