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Roofing Companies: 3 Ways They Can Make Your Home Or Office More Environmentally Sustainable

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Modern roofing innovations have transformed commercial and residential roofs into something more a mere rain-and-sunshine deterrent. Now, thanks to eco-friendly building design, roofs play an integral role in the sustainability efforts of modern construction. Below is a list of three of the most significant ways roofing companies can help transform your home into a greener, more environmentally sustainable structure.

Reflective Coatings

One of the ways roofing companies are helping homeowners and businesses curb their monthly cooling expenses is with the installation of reflective rooftop coatings. Applied directly to an existing roof, reflective coatings help reduce energy costs by not only reflecting a significant portion of the sun's powerful rays, but also by their increased emissivity.

Although no system can deflect 100% of the energy from a given heat source, the increased emissivity of roof coatings means that any heat that is absorbed is rapidly emitted back into the atmosphere. Ultimately, this makes the maintenance of indoor temperatures much easier on air conditioning appliances, and can represent significant savings during those hot summer months.

Green Shingles

Innovations in roofing technologies have led to the development of shingles that can significantly reduce your annual energy costs. These solar-powered shingles are the product of homeowners' desires to reduce their reliance on conventional energy without having to install large, bulky solar panels on their rooftop.

Not only can solar shingles reduce your annual energy bill, they are also very aesthetic when compared to conventional solar power mechanisms. They can even increase your home's resale value to boot. Although they can be slightly more expensive than conventional roofing systems, the long-term savings associated with their installation typically outweigh the upfront costs of doing so.

Garden Rooftops

For those intent on maximizing the environmental sustainability of their homes, many roofing companies now offer customers the option of installing rooftop gardens. Rooftop gardens entail much more than simply placing plants or trees on the roof. Instead, these systems employ complex designs and a variety of different materials to completely transform your rooftop. Not only are these gardens characterized by vegetation, but they also include various filtering materials, waterproofing membranes, insulation, and even drainage systems.

Still, for those who would prefer to utilize a smaller portion of their rooftop for vegetation purposes, roofing companies can also install what are known as modular gardens. Modular garden rooftops are essentially comprised of several small, self-contained pouches that can accommodate a few handfuls of soil and smaller plant life. These work well if you still want to use your rooftop to help reduce carbon emissions but don't necessarily want a garden engulfing the entire area. With modular units, there is still room for patio chairs and picnic tables.

Overall, there are a number of systems that roofing companies, like Roof Tech, can provide to help you transform your home's sustainability factor while simultaneously reducing your annual energy expenses.