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Three Alternatives To Conventional Lap Siding When You Have Siding Installed On Your Home Addition

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If you want to have siding installed on your home, you may want to have a look other than conventional lap siding. This can be things like board-and-batten, shakes and contemporary styles with composite panels. There are many ways for you to get a different look with siding on your home, which can even be done with tropical wood materials. If you want siding that looks different, here are some alternatives to conventional lap siding that you may want to consider.

1. Board-and-Batten Siding For More Woodworking Details

If you want to have a design for your home with more woodworking details, board-and-batten siding is an excellent choice. This vertical siding is made with boards and a piece of batten to cover the seams. It is great for use with craftsman-style designs, and can even have custom features for areas like gables such as installing the battens diagonally for a unique design. You can even use materials like cedar or tropical wood for a nice wood finish.

2. Shake Siding For Custom Details In Home Designs

Shake is another great material to use as an alternative to lap siding. It can be used on the roof of homes, as well as for siding details. It works with a variety of different designs and comes in many different materials such as fiber cement, cedar and composite siding. There are also many different styles of trimming shake siding, which can have woven corners to make the siding blend in around the corners. It can also have more conventional corner boards installed, which is common with most other types of siding and will add a nice detail to the corners.

3. Metal Siding Panels And Alternative Materials For Contemporary Designs

If you want a more contemporary design for your home, composite and metal paneling is a great option for the siding on your home. It will give your home more of a modern look. There are other alternative materials that you may want to consider such as tropical woods and exterior veneers, which come in a variety of styles and designs. Veneers can even be used to give your home the look of brick where conventional masonry cannot be used, such as on a second-story wall with siding below it.

These are some of the alternatives to conventional lap siding that you may want to consider having installed on your home. If you want to have siding installed on your home, contact professional home remodeling contractors like those at SRK General Construction LLC and talk with them about some of these interesting siding ideas for your home.