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Recessed Lighting: An Affordable Option To Change The Look Of Your Home

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Recessed lighting is a beautiful and functional update that will add value to your home. It can be installed virtually anywhere you need some light, whether it be for working or for highlighting a special possession, collection, or feature of your home. It is also surprisingly affordable and simple to install. Not only are the upfront costs low, but, because of the energy efficient nature of recessed light fixtures, they can continue to save you money in the long run. If you've been considering adding recessed lighting to your home, there's no better time than the present!


Recessed lighting can be used to replace general ambient lighting as well as for a variety of more specific tasks. It can be used in a variety of settings:

  • Under your kitchen cabinets to prepare late night snacks
  • In your workshop to shed some light on the workspace
  • Above the bed as an unobtrusive, dimmable reading light
  • In a living space to highlight wall art or other special decorations

From task lighting to gallery lighting, or even just lighting your way, recessed lighting can do it all.

Infinitely Customizable        

Recessed lighting fixtures can blend seamlessly into your space or stick out with bold-colored trim. It can be dimmable, binary, or even cycle through an array of colors for your own personal light show! The light casings can be customized to match any space or décor, whether it be indoors or outdoors with casings coming in all different colors, patterns, and finishes.

Low Maintenance

Elaborate chandeliers may dazzle visitors, but what they don't see is the homeowners getting up on a ladder each week to give them a thorough dusting. With recessed lighting, the light becomes seamlessly integrated into your space. It's a no-fuss way to add the light and ambiance you want without having to commit to a weekly maintenance routine. The most recessed lighting will require of you is a simple bulb change every now and then.

Makes Your Room Look Bigger

Recessed lighting can make even small spaces feel light and airy because they take up very little space. Where a traditional light fixture may feel oppressive and like it's bearing down on you, recessed lighting bounces light around the room in a pleasant way that gives your space a nice, open feel.

So, if you have a special object you'd like to highlight or just add more light to your home, recessed lighting could be a great choice for you. A residential electrician can help you choose the best recessed lighting for your needs.