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How To Make Your Yard Beautiful & Water-Saving With Concrete

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If you're currently living in a drought, or are just interested in saving water and money, using concrete in your yard is a great way to cut back on water usage. While some water-saving ideas require a lot of time and effort, concrete is affordable, easy, and can be decorated to be beautiful. Here are a few easy steps to using concrete in your yard.

Deciding On An Appearance

The easiest way to add color and design to your concrete is to use a polymer cement overlay. Polymer cement overlays can take on a wide variety of appearances, and can be applied over new or old concrete. You can make your concrete resemble wood, stone, or simply have a color and pattern that appeals to you. It's a far cry from the plain grey or white of regular concrete.

Wood or stone designs look really good in backyards, and help to retain the feeling of natural beauty in your backyard without any of the maintenance. A professional concrete company like Mara Restoration, Inc. can help you to choose a design and show you samples before you decide.


Chances are you already have some concrete in your yard. If so, you'll need to lay down fresh concrete in the parts of your yard that don't have any to meet the pre-existing concrete. You can perform this step yourself, or hire a professional to do it for you.


Once your new concrete is set, it's time to resurface the old concrete. Resurfacing is like exfoliating for concrete: it removes chipped, cracked, UV-damaged and dirty layers of the cement on top, restoring it to its original condition. Overlays need a sturdy foundation underneath them, so it's imperative to get rid of cracks in concrete before adding the overlay. Once the old concrete is resurfaced, it's ready to have an overlay placed on top of it.


Polymer overlays are quick and easy for professionals to install. They're easy to lay down, and generally set and are ready to be walked on in just a few hours. Once it's in place, you'll be happy to know that it'll also hold up better than traditional concrete. Polymer concrete overlays are UV radiation-resistant, withstand cold, heat, and rain, and can even survive salty conditions if you live near the ocean.

Choosing an alternative to a garden to save water doesn't have to be time-consuming and difficult. With polymer overlays, old and new concrete can be visually appealing and even hold up better than plain concrete.