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Four Places Heat Pumps Can Be Used Other Than With Air Conditioning That Will Surprise You

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The air conditioning in your home uses a heat pump to remove hot air from your home. This is the outdoor unit. Heat pumps are an effective way of removing hot air in AC applications, but they can be used for various other mechanical systems, such as a heater for your pool, as a water heater or in heating systems. Here are some of the other heat pump applications that may surprise you and can provide your home or business with more energy efficiency:

1. Heat Pumps Used For Pool Heating Systems

Heat pumps can be used in various applications, including for a heating system for your pool. This can be a system that takes advantage of heat that is removed from the cooling in your home. The heat from your home is then used by a heat exchanger to help heat water and improve the efficiency of your pool heating system. This is a great way to improve the efficiency of a pool heater if you need one for your pool and want to reduce your pool operation costs.

2. Using A Heat Pump Water Heater For Hot Water

In addition to heating for water in your pool, you can also heat water for your home with a heat pump water heater. This is a type of water heater that takes heat from the surrounding environment and uses it to heat water. These can be located in a garage, which will also provide cooling for the garage during the hottest months of the year. These types of water heaters are also much more efficient than a conventional type of water heater.

3. Heat Pump Applications In Heating Systems

Heat pumps also have applications in heating systems. These systems can be air source heat pumps with fans that collect outside air to improve efficiency, or they can be a boiler that is used as a water-source heat pump. This is a type of system that you will need if you want to use a boiler for the heating systems in your home or business.

These are some of the other applications for heat pumps other than for cooling systems. They can be combined with cooling systems, or be completely separate systems in some of these applications. If you want to improve energy efficiency with heat pumps, contact a heat pump service like Hayes Heating & Cooling to find out what you need for your mechanical systems.